Sketchup unable to load autocad 2013 dwg?


when i try to import dwg files that are made with (i presume) autocad 2013 or later
i get the “error importing file” message…
i tried using autocad trueview to convert the dwg "to a previous version"
wich works BUT some components in the drawing dissapear when sketchup imports it.
(the file opens “complete” in, for example, pCon plan)
this raises the question:
does sketchup supports import of autocad 2013 dwg ?


What version of SketchUp are you using?


What is in the AutoCad file? SketchUp cannot open things like objects created by the “vertical” versions of AutoCad like AutoCad Architecture, or the “proxy” objects they show when viewed in standard AutoCad. Also, SketchUp ignores AutoCad text, dimensions and other annotations, and 3D objects based on spline geometry.

The AutoCad 2013 format is only supported by SketchUp 2014, not in older versions.



Sketchup 8 and the time limited version of 14 (still time left)

And this particular file does not open with either of them, eventually i did manage to get it to open by converting it to dwg 2007 format using trueview, and after opening it in sketchup directly save it with "save object as" , otherwise some really weird stuff happened when you moved the object and then opened it for editing ( it "spread out" lines in one place, surfaces on another )


SU8 would not be able to open AutoCAD 2013 files as its too old. SU2014 should though. Do you have a small sample file?


not very small , but here´s a copy of the dwg




It is probably the way the chair is modelled, it has many solid objects depending on spline geometry, and when imported into Sketchup it creates a zillion very small faces. If the disappearing parts are the ones with the smallest faces, it might help importing if you used a larger import unit, for instance, centimeters instead of millimeters (Options button on the Import dialog). You might also try to convert the solids into face objects in AutoCad, with a low resolution if possible.

A chair model like this will never work well in SketchUp because its high face/edge count. Place a couple of copies and your zooming and orbiting will slow down to a crawl. If you are succesful in importing it, it would be better to re-make the model in SketchUp, using the original as a template, omitting all the small fillets etc. that are needed for manufacturing but otherwise only slow it down.



when i used trueview to convert it to 2010 format the whole seat dissapeared when imported to SU,
but when converting it to 2007 format the whole chair was imported even thou some surfaces & edges were “lost”.
many thanks for your suggestions, they will probably come in handy in the future.


save cad files under the default version, ie the version acad2000.
may be useful