Autocad 3D import

Sometimes I receive a CAD design (DWG) from an architect (via a client), but I never manage to import it in 3D. It’s always a 2D floorplan. I saw on YouTube that someone was able to do this. You would have to export the CAD file from a 3D perspective (by the architect in our case). Then, upon importing, you would have the same perspective, thus 3D. Does anyone have experience with this? I want to be sure before I make a mistake with the other party. Maybe someone has a 3D (small) CAD example so I can test it? Thanks in advance. Have a nice day. Dion

That means the file you have received is a 2D floorplan. The SketchUp importer brings in the geometry in a DWG file just as it is. You should ask for a 3D model from the architect. Depending on the software they use, they might be able to even export to the SKP format directly.

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Here is an example of a 3d dwg.

dwg 3D.dwg (2.0 MB)

as you see, it imported as such.

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Thanks. If this is true than I have done to much work in the past :smile:

Amazing. It does work. Thank you so much.

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