SketchUp to CAD, Need Pro


Hey guys. Interior Designer here. I need to have one of my models translated to a CAD drawing. Its a relatively small job. Exterior landscape and outdoor living space. I need to hand the architect a CAD file that accurately represents my conceptual model. Thought I’d look here.


You can do that yourself. Just export the file as a 3D Model and set the file type to DWG or DXF.


Seriously, Its that easy? Does everything translate?


Read here first:


When you say to set the file type… do I just delete .skp and type in DWG?


No. Use File Export>3D Model and change the file type to DXF or DWG.


Will do. Thanks so much!


That article was perfect! You did a good thing today :slight_smile: Be Happy !


That’s @DaveR’s secret, he’s always happy!


makes me wonder what he is smokin’ :yum:


Baby back ribs and a brisket. :smiley: