Trouble Importing .dwg and opening Sketch-up files from Architect

Hi, I’m having a lot of trouble opening a .dwg file from our client’s architect and he even sent it as a sketch-up that also only has a few lines in it. The .dwg file comes through the import with only a few lines, nothing significant. Could it be anything to do with an update? We use Pro 2021. Thanks in advance!
Ginsberg Residence.DWG (2.9 MB)

Can you post a DWG file that misbehaves for you?
Some possible reasons:

  • Wrong import unit. If you import as millimeters instead of meters, many edges might become too short
  • Large DWG extents. Things land at an astronomical distance from the origin
  • Non-importable objects: hatches, AutoCad Architecture walls etc.
    But I am just guessing.

Thank you so much, I just uploaded the .dwg file. Thanks!

The problem with the DWG file is that most of the content in it is in Paper space. Model space has only some lines and an enormous drawing of a bed. I only have the DWG Trueview application, no AutoCad so I cannot try fixing it. If you have AutoCad you could try opening the file, going to the “ARCH D” layout and using the CHSPACE command to send the items to “model space”.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was seeing! Do you have any idea what I should ask the architect to do to send it over properly? Does he need to put it into model space? I also just uploaded the sketch-up file he sent me which also only has a triangle on my end… Thanks again.

Ginsberg Residence Front load garage.SKP (80.9 KB)

I added my suggestion to my previous post before reading your last. Depending on the application the architect is using (it is not AutoCad) they might be able to export the design to some other format that can be imported or opened in SketchUp directly.

Thanks a lot - the architect said that he works in Turbo Cad and can also export as a .tcw file but I don’t see that as an import option with Sketch-up. I’ll ask him about the options you suggested within AutoCad or about another export version he could export. Thanks!

Ok, he said he moved everything into model space and sent the file again (attached here) but I still don’t see anything - do you? He also sent a sketch-up file but that just had his logo when I opened it, no drawing. Could it have anything to do with my being in Sketch-up version 2021? Thanks!

4.11.24 Ginsberg Residence Front load garage.DWG (4.1 MB)

The 2D plans in the .dwg file are located very far from the origin (0,0,0), and at the origin there is a bed. After I deleted the bed and moved the plans near the origin, the model appears correctly.

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I am able to open the drawing file just fine. This is what I see:

I think your problem is that the model space objects are 2,360,589’ away from the drawing origin (0,0). Attached is the same file but I moved everything close to the origin – hope that works for you.
4.11.24 Ginsberg Residence Front load garage.DWG (3.9 MB)

Edited to add: mihai beat me to the response (eating lunch… :yum:)

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I repeated what Mihail did. My assumption that the unit in the file was Inches might be right. I attach the result.(I don’t know why I named it Thompson :upside_down_face:)
Thompson.skp (1.8 MB)

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Thank you all, you are true heros!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you so much!