Before 2017 install, Checkup crashes

Note: I chose Category = “Sketchup” because there is no category for Checkup.

Before downloading SU 2017, I ran Checkup. It takes around 30 secs to fill the progress bar, but before reporting any findings, it crashes. I rebooted my PC and tried again before loading anything else, but it did exactly the same thing.

The PC is a Fujitsu Lifebook A544running Win-7 SP1 64-bit on an Intel Core i3.
Sketchup 2016 runs fine.

Please tell me if there is any information I can collect about this problem, and if it’s out-of-the-way stuff, some information on how to get it might not go amiss.

(Moved to Technical Problems category, because it is.)

See this post for where to find your Windows Error Reporting report files:
SketchUp 2016 Crashing on Startup - #4 by DanRathbun

Also note that there is also a “ReportQueue” sub-folder that can also have a report (along with a memory dump .dmp file,) for reports pending (ie, not yet sent.)

What is the CPU model number of the i3 ? (It depends upon what generation is is whether it has OpenGL 3.0 support.)