Checkup 2017 not work but SketchUp 2017 start ok


Hi there, I buy new laptop for SketchUp 2017 (Lenovo ideapad 310, i5 7th gen, 8Gb ddr4, screencard intel HD 620/NVIDIA Geforce 920MX). Checkup dont run but SketchUp2017 start ok.
Is it possible that there is problem with SketchUp2017 and is it better to change laptop?


Checkup v17.1 has some known bugs.

Have you tried to run Checkup, after SketchUp 2017 was installed ?

Did Checkup create a .sulog file on your Desktop ?

If SketchUp 2017 runs, then be sure it uses the Nvidia card (and not the Intel integrated graphics,) by setting via the Nvidia Control Panel.


Yes, i have tried it also after installing.

There is not any new file after trying start checkup.

It uses Nvidia card.


You say that sketchup starts ok. I would exercise it and see whether you find crashes or strange display issues. If it runs ok, I’d forget about checkup and just start using sketchup


Thanks a lot both of you. I just start using Sketchup. I have 28 days left to change laptop.



Checkup doesn’t provide any additional functionality to SketchUp. It was designed primarily as a support tool to help determine if a system meets the necessary hardware/software requirements to run SketchUp 2017.

As long as you’re not seeing any OpenGL errors in SketchUp 2017 (Window > Preferences > OpenGL) you should be fine.

Mark Chandler