"Background" override in Layout

May I suggest that the “Background” override in Layout should be an actual override, not dependant on unchecking “ground” and “sky” settings in the SU style used for the viewport.

This dependancy seems to me to be unnecessary, unlogical and unintuitive, which in effect makes it an “expert setting”, and I cannot see a use case for keeping it as it is. I realise as it is now its not really an override, but more of a viewport setting that has an effect on some scenes, those scenes with styles without “ground” and “sky” defined.

As the setting appears in the styles pane in Layout, all the more reason to make it an actual style override.

As a proper style override maybe one should instead check “Hide background” instead of checking to keep it. ( as it is part of the style)


Agree 100%


We agree and are looking at changing the behavior of the background checkbox in the future to behave more as one would expect. The only instance where it will continue to have no effect is if the SketchUp scene being displayed has a watermark. In that instance, we force the background to be displayed.



cool. :slight_smile:


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