Axis constraint/coordinates


Ridiculously basic question but i’m really struggling to constrain to axis and to the inference. If i just want to snap two surfaces together on an axis how do you do it. At the moment it’s fine along the axis and the minute it finds the edge it jumps the ends together. Constraining to axis doesn’t seem to work.

Also is there a global coordinate menu I’m missing?


How about sharing a file that shows what you are trying to do.

There is no “global coordinate menu” but you can move entities to either absolute or relative coordinates. Is that what you are thinking about?

Absolute coordinates would be great. I searched the user guide to no avail.

I’ve uploaded a model I have a lot of repeating geometry and I’m to move things along the x axis to but the end of other items. Even if I look from the top camera and constrain to the x the items jump all over the place when they come near an edge. I’m obviously doing something wrong. (75.8 KB)

When I open your attachment, all I see is the Marc figure and a circle on the green axis. No repeating geometry that I can see. Can you reload the file?

I see the same thing David report. Marc and one circle.

Start moving an enity and type [x,y,z] where x is the distance from the origin along the red axis, y is the distance along the green axis, and z is the distance along the blue axis.

Is there anyway of doing it without starting to move it.

Also how do I view the absolute coordinates?

No. There isn’t a way. You can see the absolute coordinates if you put leader text at an intersection or endpoint.

How would you use absolute coordinates in your modeling. In over 17 years of using SketchUp I’ve found no need for even knowing those coordinates in my own modeling. The only time I use them is when trying to help someone with a model they’ve screwed up. (75.8 KB)

Still looks the same. (151.6 KB)

Now I see something more than Mark.

What is it you want to do with this?

One thing that jumps out at me immediately (And this is a common new-user mistake) is that you haven’t drawn out the circles for the round parts on axis. You can see that in this closeup view of the top of the vertical support. The guideline is parallel to the green axis and passes through the center of the circle. Best practice is to drag out the radius of circles on axis so the vertices will be in predictable locations.

Just having a basic problem aligning and moving stuff. For example I’d like to know exactly where the bottom of the nase component is or the scaffold. I’d like to move stuff to the edge of something else but in a different plane so it doesn’t touch. I know the coordinates but I can’t type them in so I have to drage stuff around and it goes everywhere aligning in my mind to what it fancies.

Is there a full manual somewhere? All I can find is a million videos.

They were extruded from a circle so did I lose it somewhere or should I also cap it?

Thanks for this btw. I honestly appreciate it.

You should just draw the circle correctly to start with. Here I’ve fixed it by rotating the geometry.

It sounds like what you really need is a lesson in using the Move tool and inferencing. Hang on a minute and let me catch up on stuff and I can show you.

How do I draw a circle wrong?!? :grimacing:

Just dragging out the radius at some random angle instead of dragging out on axis.

Pretty sure I was trying to drag on an axis. I’d just feel happier if I could type where I want stuff. The dragging seems funky.

If it had been dragged out on axis the vertices would have fallen on the guideline like they do in the screen shot after I rotated the geometry.

Clicking where you want to put something or moving it into place is just the way it is with SketchUp. Once you learn how to use Sketchup it becomes second nature.