Can't get axis perfectly straight

Hello, this is probably asked a lot but I can’t find an answer anywhere, I’m afraid it’s getting really frustrating for me

I can make a vertical axis, but only by eye-I would think the software would indicate when and where is the perfect degree. However, when I rotate the camera viewing angle, it’s offset. So any shape i draw is sloped or angled parallel to the skyline behind.

I’ve tried making a square, but it 's always obviously oriented to the axis and now the only rectangles i can draw on/as the floor are unparalleled as it sticks to the green axis line for some reason. I’ve just made a new project, a blank canvas, but it’s still the same-just not nearly as bad.

How can I make the axis absolutely straight up vertical at any angle I look?

Thanks in advance!

Do you mean you have changed the global axis?
If so, right click on any one of the axes and select Reset from the context menu.

Ha! apparently. I wouldn’t know but it’s fixed now, but the issue I mentioned initially had been an issue since I made an account, which was just the other day. I’d been looking actively since! Thanks a lot Box, I was in tears of frustration