Why did my model XYZ axis' change position?

In my model the building sits squarely on the red and green axis. When I created it 2 walls were each started at the junction of the 3 axis following exactly on the red and green. Well, this has changed and I don’t know why!!!

For some reason, the axis lines intersection point has moved from the corner of the building to a new location. No clue why. I didn’t move anything. I wouldn’t have even noticed it except that now I can’t get rectangles to draw correctly as I need them. Since they will not draw on the axis where I need them.

I had to fix all my walls on the model. Making all new walls and making them into groups as I was instructed to eliminate many problems with making windows and doors in them.

I was trying to create a border on one of these new walls. The wall is perfectly aligned, as I created it. However, when I make a rectangle on the wall it doesn’t sit flat on the wall. As I can’t create a correctly positioned rectangle I can’t even make one outside the model and put it in there. (I could make a bad one and then adjust the angle hoping I get it exactly correct to place on the wall…but this seems like a ■■■■ work around!!!)

So, can anyone tell me why the axis may have changed? Again, please read this before asking about this…: I DIDN’T MOVE THE MODEL. I DIDN’T REPOSITION ANYTHING AT ANY TIME. I SAVED THE MODEL, REBOOTED MY COMPUTER (For a system update) AND I OPENED THE MODEL. Sorry for the caps but I find even when I type something someone WILL ask if I maybe changed the position of the model. NO!!! :slight_smile:

Or, is there a command I don’t see or know about that will allow me to move the axis point back to the corner of the main building model and turn it so it lines up perfectly as it was when I created it.

Thanks… This is really screwing my ability to work on this right now…when I actually have time in my schedule to do it.

I have included 2 pictures. One is where you can see my attempt to create a rectangle on the wall and then made it a group. The group bounding lines are now all skewed from lining up with the wall. (And if I take the rectangle all the way across the wall it will NOT lay flat on the wall (thus can’t fill JUST IT!)

The other picture is showing the NEW location of the axis’ intersection point as well as the new angles they have taken on. That axis intersection was originally right on the corner of the main building with the red and green lines perfectly lines up with the outsides of those 2 walls.


2020-03-03 (1)|690x323

With all groups and components closed, Right click on one of the axes, red, green or blue and you should get a specific context menu, if Reset is available click it.

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OMG!!! how simple!! I clicked and told it to reset. It put it right back where it should have been!!! I hope this will help someone in the future…but I would LOVE to know how it got altered to start with. Seems odd that it is where I had pasted that pole. Again, I didn’t notice it until I tried to make the rectangle in the bathroom. Do you or anyone know of a situation where it would be moved by any other function?? I know I never told it to move and change…but thank God for that function to do that so I could easily fix it!

Thank you very much again!!!


Most likely an accidental right click, place.

You emphasized that you never moved (nor rotated?) your model so it must sit correctly in the systems axes environment. My assumption was the same as @Box’s: something wrong with your current axes setup. Cure: reset them.
How did that happen? Who knows what you have been doing. By accident maybe. Maybe through saving and reusing scenes with different axes. The latter can come in quite handy, saving some local axes from within a group or component and then reusing them outside the group’s/component’s context. But it can also be the cause of inadvertently using wrong axes.
Good thing is that things got fixed now with Reset (Axes).

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I do grab objects from other models I and others have created. Since the placement is (WAS) on that light pole maybe by me pasting that into the model it somehow changed the model axis. Now that I think about it (was several days ago) I pasted the light pole in there and then I did rotate it slightly to have it in the correct direction I need it. And as I am looking at the picture that shows it with the axis turned that is quite honestly about the amount I turned it from how it pasted into the model. Hmmmmmmm.

You all rock as always!!! Thank you both very much for the info and thoughts.


You perhaps entered the pole’s geometric context to do the rotation and never exited it. This might mean you’ve since added geometry to the pole’s entities that you intended for other contexts.

I have had similar issues and don’t doubt that it may be user error (as I have discovered the hard way with many things in SU). As I continue to work on a model and save various iterations, I occasionally hit a point where all of the sudden I notice that the lines or objects I’m drawing may be slightly out of square with the model. In many cases, my X and Z axis flip as well. So I fix it, repair the damage, and move on, but have no clue what I did to mess up the model axis–especially since I’m more of a plodder and don’t use a lot of keyboard shortcuts other than to switch tools.

The axes context menu isn’t that familiar to many people and can be accidentally opened quite easily. Then the option ‘Place’ is easily selected without noticing which leaves you with an unexpected set of axes stuck to your cursor. The natural reaction to this oddity is to click a couple of times to get rid of it, which works, but has now placed the model axes somewhere unexpected.