Rectangle tool behavior


When I invoke the rectangle tool it displays on my screen at a 45 deg angle? Why? I looked at all my settings and nothing seems out of the ordinary.


Can you share a screen shot that shows what you are seeing?

The most likely reason is the way you’ve positioned the camera.


Here is a screen shot.


Thanks Dave


We need to see more than that little tiny bit. How about uploading the model with the rectangle drawn on it?


The image doesn’t show the model axes. How are they oriented?


Basement Shop.skp (1.3 MB)

Here it is …


Your model isn’t aligned to the world axis, so anything drawn outside a group will still follow the world axis.


How do I do that?


I notice that you have moved the model axes from their normal default orientation. Why is that?

Reset them by right clicking on one of the axis lines and selecting Reset. Then rotate the model to match the axis.

After resetting the axes:

Rotating the model.


Honestly I don’t know… How do I check ?


How do you check what?


Great!! Thank you for figuring this out… You guys are teriffic!

One other question I have is sometimes SU pops up a dialog box asking for Geo-location and will not exit unless completed. Why does this happen and what should I do when it happens, if anything?


What exactly does the message say? What have you done just before it comes up? Are you downloading geo-located components from the 3D Warehouse?


Come to think about it It may have happened after a 3D Warehouse
download, but I was never aware of such an occurrence. Mostly I download parts, furniture, but I suppose that could have hidden metadata?

I will table this for now and respond appropriately when it happens again.


I’ve seen components such as furniture which the author had geo-located for some reason. You would get a message indicating that the component is geo-located and you would be unlikely to be able to move it into place in your model. It’s always best to import components and models from the 3D Warehouse into a separate SKP file so you can examine it for weird things like this and deal with them before inserting them into your main model. It’s no unusual to need to clean up or do repair work on components before they are usable and doing that in a separate file is generally easier and less likely to screw up your own model.


Dave… This is great information.! I will take your suggestions from now on in my model workflow.
Thank you for your time as well as others who chimed in…

Jim Saake


One example of why you should do what @DaveR is saying is all the unused layers in your model. And other stuff.


Do not quite understand your point here.


He’s saying there are a lot of unused layers and materials in your model. They most likely come from the components you’ve imported from the Warehouse. You have to be careful because many authors upload a lot of garbage with their components and models. You don’t want to wind up collecting all that garbage in your model.

Also, after purging the unused stuff from your model, the file size is cut nearly in half from 1.3 Mb to 788 Kb.


Great, Understood. I do use some plugins that do come with gads of layers designed into them. I will now be aware of such occurrences from downloads and be on the lookout. A good reason to separate your model from the imports world… Thanks.