Rectangle refuses to draw in alignment with axes

I don’t know what setting might have caused this, but no matter what I try, I cannot draw a rectangle in alignment with my custom axes. My axes are aligned a few degrees off the default, but no matter where or how I place the axes, the rectangle tool keeps drawing based on the default axis, not the custom axes I’ve placed.

(Sketchup Make 2017, and I’m at the root level, not inside a component or group.)


Has anyone experienced this before, or know what I could try to fix this?

I can’t reproduce this behaviour, although in the online web version SketchUp Free, not in SU Make 2017.
Is this issue file related, e.i. have you tried a new file to see the R-tool’s behaviour?

Meabe you could upload the file here for others to explore.

It seems like the starting point on the vertical box isn’t on the same horizontal plane as the green face. It might be just a few mm off, and SketchUp attempts to draw a face standing on its side, or a sloped face.

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@DesignNinja, @ene_su made a good point. Could be the culprit.

Try this.

  • save a scene with the current drawing axes!
  • draw a rectangle the way it shows in your animation, (along default axes)
  • right on the rectangular face and select ‘Allign Axes’
  • see if the Blue axis slightly changes in direction (don’t bother about red and green for the moment)

Thanks for all the replies. I’ll inspect it further when I next have that file open and see if I can get to the bottom of it.

It’s true that the objects might not be vertically aligned (I’ll check that), but even so, the rectangle tool should continue to draw in alignment with the axes, right? Especially after pressing the up arrow to constrain it, which I did above, where it shows a thick blue border.

You might wanna check if that object is ‘skewed’
Things get tricky when objects are scaled and rotated inside other objects.

Could you share this model? There seems to be something fishy about the axes.

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