Things not obeying the new Axes position?

Why can’t I align my rectangle with the new position of the axis? I’m trying to make some wooden boards on a floor, and I’m not getting it aligned.

The rectangle tool always aligns the edges with the current drawing axes, which can be changed from the basic model axes. Right click an any axis and choose “Reset” from the selections to get the drawing axes back to the model axes. Or choose “Place” to put the drawing axes in some other origin and orientation appropriate for your rectangle.

I did placed the axis in the position I want, look at in the middle of the video

Share the file so we can see what you are working with.
If you look at the top side of the floor (near the door opening) you can see that faces and/or edges don’t seem to be alligned (out of plane).

Here it’s happening again, usually when I place the axis in the directions I need, they used to obey, but not anymore. Watch on the video above

I uploaded the file in Wetransfer: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Push/Pull never worked “by axis” but “perpendicular” to selected face. (along face normal vector)

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so how I could make that wall I’m trying to make follows the axis I placed?

could you make a little video? :pray:

Currently I cant access your file (Behind a corporate firewall… :blush:)

ah! looks like theres something here! now I know what happened! haha sorry guys

I looked at your model and drew some content. The tools that are supposed to follow the axes do that just fine. As @dezmo writes, tools like Push/Pull are no supposed to follow the axes.

I do note that your model is pretty messy. You’ve got quite the wad of geometry there.

It’s enough of a mess I think you’d be time and effort ahead if you delete the walls and start over.

Also make sure you have faces oriented correctly. There should be no exposed blue back faces in your 3D objects. You and I have covered this several times in the past so I’m surprised and a bit disappointed to see that here.

I fixed incorrect tag usage. (Another thing we’ve talked about before.)
Screenshot - 2_21_2023 , 7_28_57 AM

And I purged unused stuff from your model.
Screenshot - 2_21_2023 , 7_29_47 AM
File size reduced by about 70%.


thank you very much DaveR, its not me that made the mess, I am using your tips since then. Its my partner that works with me, he always forget those tips. =(

could you share the model you purged? when I try to purge here it takes almost a day to purge it all

You should teach your partner better modeling methods. If this is a paying job you’ve lost money on it in wasted hours for something that shouldn’t be difficult. The thing is such a mess that I can’t even tell what is intended for the walls. Sometimes there comes a point where you just can’t fix the soup anymore and it’s best to start over. This model seems to have reached that point a long time ago.

As for modeling the walls, just draw the plan and use Push/Pull to raise them up to height. Since it seems difficult for you and your partner to properly orient the model axes, I would suggest that you leave them in their default location.

Thank you very much DaveR, he said he stops worrying about the face because he is using Enscape now and its not like Vray anymore that use to have render problems when they are blue faced…

Tell him it’s still sloppy modeling. It makes working with the geometry and applying materials more difficult.

I told him, we always fight about that! Do you know if Using the monochrome style makes the file faster?

Now Iam trying to pushpull a wall but it says I cannot since its smoothed! I didn’t smooth anything! :sweat: :tired_face:

Do you pay him?

Yes. The graphics card doesn’t have to process textures so orbiting and zooming around the model is much faster.

You need to go back to basics. Push/Pull only works on a single face. Somewhere in all that garbage of geometry the surface has been split into more than one face.

Why are you still trying to fix that geometry? Just delete all that and start over.

no, we are independent partners trying to make a living as 3D designer in Brazil, but its sooo hard…almost giving up in this profession