Things not obeying the new Axes position?

why I cannot just unsmooth that?

I think if I were in your position I would have a serious talk with him. Set some high standards for the work you will both produce. This applies not only to SketchUp but to Enscape and any other applications you use. If he doesn’t want to do that, maybe you shouldn’t be partners. You should also take time to really learn how to use SketchUp. You’ve been at this long enough that you should already know the answer to your next question.

You can unsmooth the edges dividing the surface. There are several ways. One would be to turn on hidden geometry so you can see those edges, select them and unsmooth/unsoften them.

As I wrote before, there’s so much bad geometry, though, it would be easier to start over.

ok, I will start over. Thanks

Also, why sometimes I just cant push it down? it gives me this message


That typically happens when the sides of the shape aren’t perpendicular to the face you are trying to push. another problem due to the imprecise modeling that has already been done.

Generally that message means the extrusion has run into something blocking it from continuing. Usually the blocker is an edge or face. I can’t tell from your screenshot is the specific problem, but from the prior posts in this topic, it seems likely to be another instance of something that wasn’t drawn accurately.

There isn’t a way to overcome that? Ignoring the face that is blocking?

There is but in the case of your messy model, it would just make it worse.

how do you do to ignore?