Rectangle tool won't unlock from orthogonal

I’m trying to trace part of a building but the rectangle tool is automatically snapping to the X and Y axis. I’m not sure if this might be a problem due to importing an AutoCAD dwg. Pic and model below, the red outline is what I was trying to trace.

SD1.skp (1.4 MB)

That’s normal behavior for the Rectangle tool. Probably the best thing is to temporarily change the axes to align with the major axis of the building plan.

I’ve never had this problem before with any other model. It will normally allow me to create a rectangle in any shape I’ve created, regardless of orientation.

Or use the rotated rectangle tool.
Rotated rectangle

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The rectangle tool works within the context, so if it is ‘in the model’ it will follow the global axis, but if in a group or component that is aligned differently it will follow the local axis.


:wink: Except: : image



Yep, sorry about that, my mistake not pointing out that bit.

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Going back to the original, yes it seems to be an issue with the alignment of the cad import, a quick explode/regroup seems to fix that.