Tool Selections esp rectangles

Thought I had a bug or I wasn’t doing things correctly. For ages, my cubes and other shapes based on rectangles were never properly square and faces would often show the faint striations of a slightly smoothed surface. Even occurred after upgrading to the latest 2020.

Editing these things was a real PITA.

Until I switched to a circle tool and then back. Wasn’t sure if I had chosen a rotated rectangle tool - it didn’t seem so as I rarely saw the protractor tool.

Just about to send a sample into the guys for a bug check when I think I solved the “problem”.

Well, is this problem occurring regularly, does it return in new sessions of SketchUp? Meaning that you need to switch to other tools (like ‘Circle’) and back , to get the ‘Rectangle’ tool working properly again?

With further use everything seems to be working OK.

I am also wondering whether my moving of the global axes to effectively model sloped retainer structures has led to the problem. When returning to work on level building structures, if the axes were ever so slightly off then reconfiguring existing structures may have led to the problem.

Today I reset the axes by reapplying them to structures I knew were on then original axes. Drawing now seems to be working OK.

You could and should just right click on one of the model axes and choose Reset to make sure they are set correctly.

OK - I wasn’t aware of that tip to reset axes. Thanks DaveR