Green axis isn't "horizontal"



Maybe there is a simple answer for my problem, but I can’t find that answer so I hope to find a help full soul …

I’m using SU make 2016 ; Windows 10 , Hp Inspiron laptop.

In a small drawing project I’ve created a second image/ drawing and used the axes tool for the orientation (and also created a scene for that part). After a while I discovered that the green axis orientation on the two images, had a different angle. Stupid as I was, I changed the green axis orientation of the first image. A little bit later I discover that the green axis isn’t “horizontal “. The images are pointing upwards ( right side about 3° à 4°)( the blue axis has the “same” vertical problem of course ) .

The question: do I have to correct this situation by “guessing” the right position on my screen. Or is there a reference guide/point I can use to chance the green axis in a way that it becomes horizontal like the start position ( opening SU position). Do I have to start fixing the green axis and after that the images or… etc…

Thanks in advance.

ps: apologies for my English, is not my native language


How about uploading the SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on?


Hopefully this can help…

bed frame .skp (144.7 KB)


It does help.

You can reset the axes and origin by right clicking on an axis line and choosing Reset.

After resetting them:


Thank you very match DaveR !
I have already noticed that there is a unbelievable “helping service” on this forum, but this quick !!!

If I may ask for the future : is there a handy way I can " call " all the possible pop-up screens from SU, because ( I think… ) some items I have never seen them before…

Have a nice evening ( or ? …timezone here ► it is 07.00 PM )

Kind regards


You’re quite welcome.

As for the “pop-up screens”, I assume you are referring to the Context menu when you right click. I’ve never seen a full list of all the menu entries that can show up there. The menu items in that menu change based on what you right clicking on.

Have a nice evening. Still daylight here.



Such a list isn’t even possible because extensions can add their own entries!


That’s true, of course. I was thinking of just those entries that SketchUp could add without any additional extensions installed.


@ DaveR & slbaumgartner

Thank you both gentlemen for the explanation on the matter of the Context menu. I felt a bit stupid I din’t found that solution, but now I can live with it in perspective with the many possibilities on that Context menu.:slight_smile:

Kind Regards