Orienting the Drawing axis - R, G,B

Hi all.,

is it possible to swap the dark line of Blue axis to the other side (dotted Side) while orienting the axis, while constraining the Red and Green in the same position as attached image. Thanks!

Why do you want to do that? Solid blue by default normally indicates up (the positive Z direction) while solid red the positive X and green the positive Y.

It’s hard to tell from your tiny screenshot but it looks like you’ve already changed the axis orientation away from the normal orientation.

You can do it inside of a group or component by using the scale tool on it but I don’t see why. This would mean you essentially draw a flipped object and could lead to issues if you import it to certain other tools.

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Yes, even in the top drawing level, like this:

I wouldn’t know why you would want to do so. I think that “in the end” you’ll be facing problems of some sort.

So matching your drawing axes:image

Another one with weird toplevel drawing axes: (look how the ‘Rectangle’ tool draws its rectangles):image

How do you get these axes on top level?

Think of what scenes can do (=remember).
A scene can save axes when being within a mirrored group (or a skewed group’s axes / see last image).
Then, being outside the group, in top level use the scene to return to the saved axes.
The group is just there to capture its axes and isn’t needed anymore.


Aah, that makes sense! The axis tool though limits you from defining a left-hand, scaled or a non-perpendicular coordinate system.

Readers need to keep in mind that the Axis tool changes only the drawing axes. (Meaning a user axes used by native tools and Ruby tools that choose to honor it.)

Changing the drawing axis does NOT change the model’s global axes nor origin, which is hidden. (In all default templates the drawing axes is preset to the model’s global axes.)


Hence my mentioning of:


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want to know whether it is possible to flip the blue axis on other side too.,
i had seen an example of dynamic component., but unable to achieve the thing.

Attached here the screen shot and model file.

Thanks for reply.Base_cabinet.skp (58.9 KB)

You can right click on the component (while it is not open for editing) and select Change axes. The click to set the origin followed by the red axis direction and then the green. Blue takes care of itself. Keep in mind that since it is a dynamic component, changing the axis orientation and origin location can have undesired effects on the component.

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you said correct.,because they created the side panel in horizontal orientation and flipped to vertical. i am trying to learn the concept behind the same but unsuccessful.

I think you’ll find that the best and easiest work flow is to create components in the orientation in which they will be used. And its best if you are creating dynamic components to make sure all of the axes and origins are where you want them before you start adding the attributes.

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yes, well said., thanks.

if i am right it is similar to brightman condoc tools of developing DC’s with attributes from 2d plan to 3d

If you are doing things like drawing the cabinet side panels laying on the ground plane and then rotating the component to vertical, you’re adding unnecessary steps to your workflow and you can induce errors into the model.

ok. Noted.

Thank you everyone ( DaveR, eneroth3, g.h.hubers) for stepping into and made me clear understanding. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’m hi-jacking this thread as it seems finished. I also have problems with axis. I just goofed, doing this drawing from the top camera view instead of the front camera view. I didn’t realize it until I started to add depth. How can I get it oriented correctly?La Punta study.skp (185.7 KB)