Axes model 3d

Hello, I have a problem, I downloaded a 3d model from a van to fit it with Sketchup … I drew the floor well in the axis, but now when I draw a rectangle on this floor, this rectangle is not in the axis it is shifted by some degree if I draw a rectangle on the floor, outside the van it is symmetrical to it . How do I do that?

Probably need to reset some axes in the model but it’s hard to say which ones. Upload your file so we can see it and tell you.

Van Test 1 V1.skp (971.4 KB)

Well, it isn’t the axes after all. It looks like the problem is due at least in part to the fact that the floor of the van isn’t level. The guideline is horizontal and I’ve drawn a triangle that shows the slope.

You could press the up arrow cursor key to lock the orientation for the rectangle but then it won’t lie on the floor. You could use the Line tool to draw the rectangle at the slope or you might find it makes the most sense to fix the floor and make it level.

okay i will try watching tutorials to get there, thanks for your help and your efficiency