Built a THOW trailer that isn't square, can it be fixed?

NUESTRA TINY CASA TRAILER window framed NotSquare.skp (160.3 KB)

Enclosed is the sketch up I have been working on.

It seems every time I attempt to draw a square it will be off by 9/16" on opposite sides.

I believe when I first drafted the trailer something was off. Can this be corrected by rotating it? Is there something else that is off?

This has become quite frustrating as you can see on the model the top beam on the passenger side of the trailer on top of the frame is not square. Should I just start over?

Thank You!


I think you’d be doing yourself a favor by resetting the Axes directions.

You currently have the ground plane rotated so that the green axis points in the z direction. and I think that’s probably disorienting in a variety of ways. Model navigation tasks such as orbiting, and panning are a bit tricky, and there’s little sense of where the ground is.

SketchUp draws by default on the x/y ground plane. In your case here since the axes have be changed that x/y ground plane has been shifted to a vertical orientation.

Right Click on any of the axes lines red/green/blue and choose the reset option from the context menu.

Then try drawing as you normally would… I’m guessing that you’ll have few issue once you reestablish the ground plane to it’s default state.

It’s probably easy to redraw this model… But if you want to take on the challenge of getting this one back into shape—then post back with your main concerns and we’ll take things from there.

I didn’t want want to jump there just yet, because I didn’t think your problem was so much one of modeling technique/practice… just the disorientation of axes alignment.

Also, at some point… take a look at the difference between Align View, and Align Axes.

For the majority of the time you’ll probably need the align view function more often than the align axes function. But both have their purpose.

Take Care, and I hope this helps,