Axis constraint/coordinates

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Use the TEXT tool on a vertex. That’s the way to view the coordinates. You can just pull out the leader until the text shows the coordinates. Type esc. to NOT place the text.
To move use the move tool, click to grab the object at a point, make a move, then type the coordinates you want [x,y,z]. I don’t know if that’s in the documentation just learned about in forums. And then never used it. You can move any point, but AFIK only vertices display their coordinates as above.

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There are User Guides here

I haven’t used these guides, but clicking on some subjects found the move section pretty quickly and Lo! there’s a discussion of absolute coordinates!
I did not know that. Much better than what used to be available.

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This is also a good set of videos from the Sketchup team The learning Center

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Sorry --I wrote “edit” tool above. I meant “TEXT” tool :roll_eyes: