Relative <x,y,z> and absolute [x,y,z] coordinates in free Sketchup for windows

I even tried the semi-colon entry <x;y;z> and they don’t work. Does it require a paid version or am I doing something wrong?

What exactly are you trying to do with these coordinates?

I’m guessing it could be a follow up to the latest Adam Aaron Video ?
(who is this Adam anyway ? uh ? nobody :clown_face:)

video that follows up this thread

(for context)

( for precision :innocent: :wink: )

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oh yeah, Aaron. I just woke up, my brain was clearly still on my pillow, I guess I grabbed the first A-name I thought of :smiley: . I’ll blame it on the heat wave and tropical nights of this week :slight_smile:

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I asked this question before the video showed up in my YT feed. It does answer the question. Turns out it was an L-user issue.