Entering co-ordinates for component


I have previously stumbled upon a feature that allowed you to specify x, y and z co-ordinates for a component, however, can’t figure out how to do it again.

I may be wrong, but I thought it was something in the Entity Info menu, however, this seems very limited…

Any help much appreciated!



When first inserting the component-instance use [x,y,z] - OR if you use a ‘,’ as the decimal-point [x;y;z]
OR if it’s existing - Select it and use Move.
Click the start point and the enter the destination point…
[x,y,z] OR [x;y;z]
To use Absolute points use:
<x,y,z> OR <x;y;z>

Thanks for your reply; this was what I was using in the interim;

What I was talking about was a dialog that showed the existing x, y and z co-ordinates and allowed you to edit from that dialog… Does something like this exist in SketchUp or am I thinking of something else entirely?