Applying RAL to texture


I am trying to make a new textures list, based on RAL colours. to simulate wooden boards made with horizontal planks of 15 cm height.
I already have the RAL-RGB list.
After creating the texture with the default color and importing it, I choose to apply the same colour as on my screen.
However, the colour of the new material is not exactly the same as the original RAL
It is even worst if I apply the same colour as the object.

Can you help me as I need to prepare the complete RAL list planks material.

Thanks in advance for your help, Jipi

How about sharing a sample SketchUp file with the material you’ve already made? That would be more useful than the image you’ve attached.

Hi Dave,
Ok, I will it. Pls inform how to proceed.
Thks, Jipi

Choose the Upload button, 7th from the left above the message window and upload the SKP file.

OK, doneTest-03.skp (1.4 MB)

Pls confirm if you get it OK.

Thks, Jipi

It’s very odd that SketchUp shows both the flat color on the left and the one on the right as having the same RGB values. They clearly don’t have the same color. The darker color more closely matches the RGB values of 214, 199, 148. I used a color picker program to find out what the RGB values are for the lighter color and applied them to the one on the right. The values I got from the picker are 255, 239, 178.

I’m not sure why the difference but I expect the black lines in the one on the right are having an effect.

Just an FYI.

There is a component that will import RAL colors into your model, on the 3D Warehouse:


OK Dave, thks for your reply.
But now, what do you suggest me to do for my complete list of RAL wooden planks boards…??
As I have to paints some walls without texture and other ones in the same project with the wooden planks, but all the walls must have exactly the same color; moreover, I have to work with the 194 shades in RAL list…!!!

Thanks in advance for you suggestion, Jipi

In this case I would be inclined to leave the lines as geometry rather than trying to make a texture with them. Then use the same flat color for all the faces.

OK Dave,
Many thanks for your help,
BR, Jipi

Jipi, is it possible to send me the RAL-RGB list?, i cannot find it anywhere.


It is quite easy to find if you search for it:

And for SketchUp, why not use this component which will import all the RAL color materials into your model ?

Hi Sfreie,

Pls find attached the required file with 4 options.
Pls let me know if have a solution for my problem.

BR, Jipi

Sent right now on your email, with 4 options.
Bye, Jipi

Thank a lot, but it does not show the RAL numbers?, how do i know wich color is what number?.

Where do i find the attached?, i can see an enveloppe, but cannot open it.

Pls find it attached in an older Excel file so that you will be able to
open it.

But it does show the RAL numbers and their names.

Or switch to list view.

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I must be stupid, but i cannot find a attachement anywhere, how does this work?.

Ok that’s it, but how can i embedd this in Sketchup?, i just imported it in a drawing, but i cannot see it like this in the material list