Adding colors and materials to sketchup pro 2022

How do you import or add colors and materials to use. I want to add more wood spicies to my pallet. Are there colors or wood in the 3d warehouse? Once in how do I save them?

You can find some woodgrain materials in the 3D Warehouse. Some are good and some are not at all realistic.

I use images of long boards for wood textures. Here’s a thing I did a hunnerd years ago showing how I create new materials.

You can see the benefit of using images of long boards in a model such as this one. There’s no repetition of the grain figure down the length of the boards.

BTW you say you are using SketchUp 2022. Your profile shows 2017 Make. Please update your profile so it is accurate.


Thanks. I’ll fix my profile I bought this in October

I can’t seem to find where to change my profile to show I am working with Sketchup pro 2022.
Steve E

Click on the T in the violet circle at the top right of the forum page. Click on Preferences (the person icon) and then on Preferences (the gear icon) again and it should all be clear.

Ok I see it but can’t change it. I went into my profile in the app it shows I have 2 products one free and the sketchup pro as of August 11 2022.
So it looks like it’s picking up the free version and putting that in my profile on the forum. What do you suggest?
Steve East

It’s in the forum that you need to edit your profile.

I was in the forum at the spot that shows the version and it stated 2017 but there is no way to edit it. If you click on it it simply highlight the word. I guess it’s not worth the effort. I have pro 2022 and it’s active so I guess I’ll let the forum be what it is. Thanks for try.
Steve E

This is what the Profile page under Preferences looks like for me.

Under SkethUp Version you can edit the field to p ut in the right version.

Got it