Where can I find a "wood materials" selection to add to a model?

SketchUp Pro does not appear to have wood texture materials library available. How can I find and download a selection of wood grains materials to add to the SketchUp models?

There is a Wood materials library included in SketchUp Pro. It’ll be available in the Materials drop down list.

What version of Sketchup are you using? what operating system? Please complete your profile.

I’m using Windows 7 and Sketchup Pro2018, Version 18.0.16975 64-bit.

And you don’t see Wood in the drop down?

I’ve been looking and do not seem to be able to find it. What am I diong wrong?

Perhaps you didn’t install SketchUp correctly?

What do you see in the drop down list?

I see this:

Do you see anything in the drop down list? Maybe you just need to scroll down?

No, I wish I could find this selection.

Bingo!! I finally found it! Thank you. I do not understand how I missed it. Thank you.

What were you missing? The whole drop down or just scrolling to the bottom of the list?

Please take a few seconds to update your profile.

My profile is fine, everything works as it should, no complaints. I can only guess, for some reason I did not see the last selection on the list. Thank you for pointing it out.


We ask members to complete their profiles with Sketchup version, license, operating system and graphics card because this information is frequently important when providing answers to questions. Please help us help you.


Per your last post:

Sketchup Pro 2018.
Windows 7
ATI Radeon 3100

I hope these answers are sufficient.

I do appreciate you pointing out where to find “Wood Materials” used in SketchUp.

The Mac materials palette looks different to the Windows version. When answering questions here one of the first things we do is click on your avatar icon, which takes us to your profile, so we then know what system and which version you are using. You don’t need to say what system and version you are using when you type your post, because we can find that out ourselves. If your profile is filled in.

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Here’s a comparison, to show you how much more we know when a profile is filled in:

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The answer to your original question could have been operating system dependent which is why I asked about which operating system. It’s would also be SketchUp version dependent which, again, is why I asked for that information.

I only asked you to complete your profile with SketchUp version and license type, operating system, and graphics card. So the only information you would put in your profile is:

SketchUp 2018
Windows 7
ATI Radeon 3100.

I didn’t ask for your full name, SketchUp serial number (I’d suggest editing your post to at least remove that), or the version, build, or service pack of the operating system.

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Thank you for the explanation and suggestion. I’ve edited my post to the information format as suggested by DaveR in his post below.

Until this day, I do not recall anyone ever mentioning anything about a “profile completion requirement.” I guess something got missed or forgotten a long time ago when joining this forum.

I do not know where to go to find my “profile” and finish the task of completing it.

I think I found my profile and successfully edited it. Hopefully the “right” information is now displayed.

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Yes, it is now good. Thanks!

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There is absolutely no requirement to fill your profile at all and in most cases there is no need for it. These kind people are only volunteers and they simply prefer asking for it.

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There is no categorical requirement, in the sense that you can post here even with a blank profile. It’s a courtesy, not a membership requirement.

But there are also a great many questions in which the info in the profile can quickly lead to a correct answer instead of needing a series of “what are you using” posts and followups. Try counting how many topics have ultimately been reduced to issues with Intel Integrated Graphics but took multiple posts before that surfaced because the OP’s profile was blank or filled with nonsense…