Adding Textures

In SU2015 I, somehow, added many different wood textures to my Materials/Wood list, in SU2016 they are gone, I have the download from which these textures came from but I can’t figure out how to get them into my Materials list.

Since you already have that library made in SU2015, you could go to the Details menu in the Materials browser and click on Open or create a collection.

Then navigate to the library in SU2015. The exact location for the library depends on your operating system which I don’t see in your profile.

Choose the folder and open it. If you want to keep it for later use, click on the Details menu again and choose Add to favorites.

My preference is to create my own folders for wood materials and not use the Wood library that comes with SU. I make separate libraries for each species.

DaveR, thanks!

My OS is Windows 10, I looked in ‘all’ the obvious places; users..\roaming\Sketchup and c:\program data\Sketchup and didn’t find a library in the SU2015 folder or below.

The default Materials library on Windows will be in Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/

It would be wise to copy the materials you added to the Wood library and put them in a new folder located somewhere other than in Program Files.

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Got it DaveR, thank you, so much for knowing all the obvious places:grinning:

You’re quite welcome.

As I said, make a new library somewhere that isn’t SU version dependent. It’ll be easier to deal with when SU2017 comes out. :wink:

This was shared by Cotty last week and has some great info from Matt for ALL of your settings and preferences…good stuff to hold onto. For somethings you only do once in a while it is good resource…

Hi Dave, hope your Turkey day was a good one!!