Applying RAL to texture

Now i can see it, i looked in Model. So i only have to insert this coloursheet in my drawing when i want to use RAL colours?. Or is it possible to make it standaard in my material list?.

Make a new collection. Click on the icon to the right of the drop down list where it says In Model.

Thanks, it is done

Hi Dave, Can I download this collection?

@romanlevis, sure. Search the 3D Warehouse for it.

Is there a quick way to turn all these RAL colours into a new list?

If the RAL Colors component is imported into an empty model, then a Ruby script can interate the “InModel” materials collection and create a list.

What would you want the list’s records (line items) to contain ?


I have the RAL colours component in an empty model, I basically want all the Colours In Model as a new list.
I’m afraid ruby script is a little beyond my current capabilities!

Color Maker

in ‘In Model’ color panel, click on List >> Duplicate >> add a name for the collection >> hit Return/Enter key…



Oh, you want to create a new local RAL materials collection on your local drive to use in other models ?

If so, then as John says …

When you said “list” I thought you wanted to create a chart of RAL color data like in the links I provided above. (This is one of those platform oddities where other platform users are confused by unique terminology of a certain platform.) My bad.


Thanks all, sorted!