Importing a color

HI, I’m trying to paint the walls Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore… I’ve actually got as far as importing their colour pallet from the warehouse. But I don’t think the colour is there… or have no Idea how to search for it.! ![image|690x388]

Its called Pallidian Blue HC-144…

How do I search for a colour OR how do I import a colour?
Plus if and anyone can point me in the direction of an intermediate course that they know is good, if would be great.



the colors should be in Alphanumeric order…

try using List view [if available]…



If the specific color isn’t included in the collection, find out what it’s RGB values are and edit another color to match.

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Thanks guys.

The list view is helpful ( Thanks John) , however it’s not in the collection. I tried to look for the RGB values ( Thanks Dave ) but that’s proving to be harder than I thought ( I can’t find them anywhere). Any other suggestions ?

Can you find a sample swatch on the company website? You can use the eye dropper in the SU Materials exit panel to sample the color.

Yes there is a sample swatch.

Or do you mean a file to save and import into SU?

lol I got this far!

You could make a screen shot and import that into SketchUp to sample but you don’t need to. Hang tight and I will see if I can get you the info

lol Got it! went around it in a unconventional manner. but got it.

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Here we go.

Add a color from the native Colors collection to a face or at least add it to the In Model materials. Then select the color in the In Model collection, go to Edit and get the eye dropper to the right of the small color swatch.

click on the color sample to get the color. I reduced the size of the SketchUp window so I could see the swatch on my laptop but if you have multiple monitors you can spread this across them.

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whoa… you just blowed my mind… you mean I can take my eyedropper out of my sketchup window over to another window???

You can use the one with the computer display behind it to sample color from the screen. Don’t be alarmed when the cursor changes to an arrow when you leave the SU window.


… and the last 2 steps are …

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For those interested, I have the color text files for some of the Benjamin Moore color swatches.

So, you can use them in FredoTools::ColorPaint.


You can also inspect the model in the 3DWarehouse, and select the material, only, without bloating the file with the model(component)
It has some caveats: you would have to apply to a face directly, rather then to then assembly or object, the paintbucket tool is directly activated if you click on download.

THANKS everyone!!

Another way to get the RGB values is to use the extension ColorZilla in je browser (available for Chrome and Firefox). You get an eyedropper that picks any colour in je browser.