Texture - Needing to Match Product Sample Colors

I need to match the colors of various product samples. Is there a quick way to match these colors on a texture (without having to make an actual texture that matches when scaled and so on…)

I specifically new Graphite, Onyx and Smokey Ash from the Diamond Kote Catalog

Thank you!

Are you just applying colors to your model?

I would be happy to start with that! To be able to exact match the colors… but ultimately it would be nice to have the product color and texture as a sketchup texture to apply to the model

As for the textures, it would be helpful if the vendor supplied larger images. Maybe they do but I haven’t had time yet to look through the site completely.

As for the colors, you can sample the colors with different tools–either use the eye dropper in SU or better, sample the color in an image editor to get the RGB valuse. Then edit colors in SketchUp to create a set of of matching ones. You can save that set of colors as a local collection for later use.

thx! I guess I can import the catalog into Skp and try it out.

Here I’ve imported the image of their samples into my image editor and then sampled the Graphite color to get RGB values of 69,67,68.

I would then paint a face in the model with a color and edit it to have those RGB valuse and save it as a new color.

Nice! Thank you!!! (what is your image editor?) I need to get one better than the Mac standard issue…

I use PaintDotNet but it’s Windows only.

FWIW, here are those three colors in a local collection. You need to keep in mind that SketchUp’s shading will affect the appearance of colors.

Heathers Siding Colors.zip (4.1 KB)

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Yer the best! Thank you…

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on a mac you don’t need the external editor to grab colours…

just download the image and add it to ‘Image Palettes’



Actually you don’t need it on Windows, either but I like the color sampling tool in the image editor better.

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Ah thank you!

Now if I wanted to get an actually siding texture here. How would I go about that?

see if they’ll send you texture image files…

I couldn’t find any on their site, but they obviously have them to create their images…


Great - thank you John. I didn’t know I could ask for such a thing. It would technically be called a “texture image file” then?

you just need to use a generic description that whoever answers the phone might understand…

often it’s better to not sound like a competitor, who would know the exact terminology…


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Good idea

You basically need seemless texture made from continuous woodgrain patterns.

Notice how the grain above is in shadow so it’s a slightly darker shade than the background color.
The lower grain is a tint slightly lighter than the background color.

So if you had a texture that was 100% mid gray background (127, 127, 127) and then the upper grain was slighter darker, and the lower slight lighter, SketchUp can use the same gray texture image for all the materials, just set their colors differently.

Nice John! Where do i find this image palettes tool? Is that an extension?

So I can create that texture myself from an image file?

on the top line of the standard Colors window…

beside it’s dropdown arrow is a ‘gear’ and the first item lets you choose any image…