Alternative voor color lists Mac

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Since we have no capability of displaying our colours and textures in list view, an alternative might be this (colours only):

Download or create a pdf/png with colours (with names)

Open the Color panel in SketchUp and activate the image palettes:

Choose file


Disclaimer, no names in the ‘in model collection’…

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Love this!! I will be playing with this today!!

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@MikeWayzovski - Have you found a way to do this on Windows?

You have somewhat simular, but that’s on LayOut, in the land of the blind…

FWIW, someone posted the Colors Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in the 3D Warehouse. I just added those colors as a collection.

Short of that you could import an image of the color swatches into SketchUp and sample the colors.

And here’s another set I just made from a screen capture from the Sikkens site.

You have to start with some color in the model but that one can be deleted before saving the collection.

For Windows, LayOut has some options that kind of works the same…