Anyway to make my dimensions fit?

Hey everyone,
I have my assignment completely done and ready to go. Only problem is it needs to be 1:50 scale. I can’t seem to get the dimensions to fit in the title block. I can’t rotate it as this is how it has to be. Any ideas on how I could do this? I’ve cut a considerable amount off of the patio. I don’t want to lose it completely. However, starting to feel like that is my only option. Thanks!
Backup of Module 4 Flooe Plan GC 1.layout (12.2 MB)

It would help if you share your LayOut file so we can see what you have set up. I expect if your floorplan fills the space available with no room for dimensions, you need to be using a larger paper size or a smaller scale.

With your plan selected, there is a rotate ‘gizmo’ that appears at the center of the plan…grab the ‘joystick’ looking thing and rotate…you can type in 90 if you need help getting it precise. Note your callout leaders and dimensions may need to be-done. Its best to get the plan exactly how you want it prior to labeling it.
Mar-21-2024 16-04-06
Edit: do you have flexibility to change your paper size? At this point, switching to a portrait orientation page and adjusting the title block may be less work.

Is this the same assignment from before?

Yes, it’s the same assignment as before. My tutor said I could put it to 1:100 to fit everything, however all the dimensions go wonky and of course all the writing I did stays on the page. I’m wondering at this point if I should scrap the patio.

If a plan is too large for the sheet, I break the plan into parts and have a key plan for reference. I end up doing this on my larger projects, sometimes taking four 24x36 sheets to show the entire first floor at 1/4” scale. It’s very easy to do with LO. You don’t even need to change the scenes in SU.

Contractors actually like this since they often have crews working on different parts of the house at the same time.