HOA is requiring 1"=10' Scale on Landscape plan. Lot wont fit on any layout template using that scale

Hi There, I am trying to completed a Landscape design to be approved by an HOA. They are requiring the scale on the plans be 1"=10’. The lot is 167’ by 190’. I cannot seem to find a layout template that will fit the entire lot using the required scale of 1"=10’. I can fit the plan on any template page if I scale the drawing to 1"=20’, But the HOA is very strict and wont approve a plan that not using the desired scale. I’m hoping someone can help me figure this out. I also submit my plans by exporting the layout file to a PDF, not sure if that helps and explanation or not. THANKS!!

Why not create your own template and set the paper size to suit? Or just change the paper size of the template you want to use and edit the other content to fit the new paper size.

Does the HOA specify the paper size or only the scale? If they won’t accept paper large enough to suit the scale, you can run the viewport across multiple pages.

Thanks for helping! I like the ideas, I’m just not familiar enough to implement them. The HOA does not specify paper size, and as most plans are on large paper, I think re- sizing the paper is the way to go, how do I re-size the paper, and will the titleblock re-size?

Paper size is set in File>Document SetUp>Paper. The title block and text will need to be resized manually. Not a difficult thing to do but it’s not automatic.

Thanks! How do I resize the the text and title block?

You probably should spend some time with the LayOut Essentials.

Basically you can stretch the boxes and set font size in the Text Styles panel.

Are you expected to deliver the pdf file, or a printed hard-copy? Just asking because setting an arbitrary paper size would be fine for a pdf but might not be acceptable to a printer.

FWIW, I wasn’t suggesting an arbitrary paper size. Choose an appropriate paper format on which the plan will fit. Arch D would be good as it will allow you some room for title block, notes, and such.

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I am sending a PDF, but I’m assuming someone somewhere may have to print it, which is why I like to send my designs on normal paper, and use different scales to make that happen.