An Error Occurred During Authentication

Something that has happened a few times lately is that a message will appear, similar to this one:

An Error Occurred During Authentication
Error exchanging code for token, accessCode = da069ad232c69dd37ab38c0e129d949d, message = Problem fetching access token invalid_grant, Provided Authorization Grant is invalid

It took a few repeated support requests about that before it was clear what was going on. It seems to be that the steps are on these lines:

  1. You get an account activation email, click on the link, then go on to sign in.
  2. Something goes wrong, either a problem with the sign in page itself, or you forgot your password.
  3. You go back to the email to have another try. Then the error happens.

It seems that the first click worked, and the account is now active. When you try the link again the error happens, because you can’t activate an account that is already activated.

We should make an improvement, to let the user know that the account is already activated, and then send them on to sign in. For now, here is an easy work around:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in.

That’s it! Your avatar menu will now show a link to manage your account, and another link to your apps page.


Thanks Colin!