Can't open "SketchUp free" in my webbrowser

Hi there!
I need help, we are 2 people who was drawing in SketchUp free yesterday (working fine). To day, when we opened our webbrowser (Safari), and tried to open, we received following message.

"An Error Occurred During Authentication
Error exchanging code for token Problem fetching access token"

Someone who has the same problem, and know how to fix it?

We had already tried on different webbrowser (chrome).

This might be a transient issue; maybe just try it again in a few minutes. We did launch quite a few new server-side systems yesterday.


It still won’t work :unamused::unamused::unamused:

Hi, when and where exactly do you see this error message?

When I press “sign in with google” it just give me this error:

An Error Occurred During Authentication

_Received invalid JWT:

Edit by bugra: Removed the JWT as it contains personal info. (Thanks for posting it)

I see, thank you. Can you try launching SketchUp Free in a Private (or Incognito) browser window?

I have the same exact issue, I tried your suggestions, but am still getting the error.

I still mange to get the same error

I sent private messages to both of you for more information.

I have the same “An Error Occurred During Authentication”. Same result in Incognito Tab

Is there any way to login into my account in this situation?

You can log into your Trimble Connect account separately; navigate your browser to and log in with the same credentials you are using with SketchUp.

I’m trying to “Sign in with Google” but I’m getting another error on
“Bad Request”

I’m getting same result in “New Incognito Window” too.

I’m experiencing the same issue for over a week, now.
Using Chrome on Windows 10. I’ve tried an incognito window, but still get this error.

Is there any solution to this?

Can’t sign up for a Trimble acount either. When I try to register, I get an error that my e-mail address is already in use, but when I request a password reset I get an error that my e-mail address is unknown.

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