Can't login to SketchUp Web

When I go to, I get this blank screen:

I’ve tried several times, but still the same…
Could anyone help? Thanks!

It redirects me to this page: Trimble Identity

That link takes you to here.

I get the same screen but without the login part.

It’s a new login system in the last couple of days.
Clear the browser cache and try again.

I’ve tried that and it’s still the same…

Which browser are you using? Can you try any other browser?

I’m using Chrome; I’ve just tried with Edge, but same thing.

Can you right-click in the area where the fields are missing, choose Inspect, and in the set of tabs that appears, click on the Console tab. Are there any errors showing?

Computer restrictions, I can’t ‘inspect’. Sorry for that…

If you go here in a browser, does the page settle down with the sign in fields visible?

No, still the same on both Edge and Chrome.

I have noticed that when I try the sign in page in a private window, that a redirect happens. Before the redirect the right of the page is blank. After the redirect it is filled in.

Could you read this article, and see if you are able to allow to do a redirect:

I’ve activated redirects, but nothing different happens when I try to login to Trimble.

Are there any other computers on the same network that you can try? That would help to know if it’s an issue with your network or our server. Also, would you be able to do a test where you use a phone as a hotspot?

I’m having the same trouble today; just used this Sketchup version 3 days ago, so I assume I have the current version. When I open it says the subscription server response is invalid. I’m not sure if it’s referring to my company’s server or Sketchup’s server.


Currently, Korea is in the same situation.

Exact same thing for me (USA) – can’t even get into my account via the browser. (Firefox)

i am in Hong Kong and get the same, I login ok then open file and get ( The subscription server response is invalid) i need to work how can i resolve this and get on.

Looks like it might be a known issue: