Unable to get to the login screen

For over two weeks I have not been able to get a login screen too appear when I try to sign in to my account and use Sketchup. This is very frustrating. I have attempted to use several browsers with no luck. When I click to sign in I get to a blank Page with “Everything Sketchup…” on it. No login capability is offered.
I really would like to do some need work using Sketchup.

A request to Support eventually was responded to by asking for my login name. I replied immediately with the information. I am still awaiting an answer.

Anyone else having this problem???

This is with SketchUp Free (web) as indicated in your profile? What browser are you using?

The area on the right side of the log in screen can be blocked by ad blockers. If you are using an ad blocker, go into its settings and whitelist id.trimble.com, accounts.sketchup.com, and login.sketchup.com.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. Although I have been using it without problems for quite awhile, and have not changed any browser settings recently. But it would make sense.
Appreciate the help.

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