No login option

I use Sketchup Pro 2021 on a Win 10 pro machine, Ive been using it for more than a year. Three days ago when trying to login I get the TRIMBLE banner screen but, there are no login boxes on the right side. Tried uninstalling and reinstall to no avail. Installed 2022 and the same problem. Help please.

There might be an add or popup blocker in the browser that interupts things.
Another thing to try is to get rid of the webcache folder and loggin_session.dat file that one can find in the (hidden) AppData of the user:
%AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2022/SketchUp

I’ve tried both of those to no avail


Every Blessing,

Jim Pomy

Other people who have had this issue were using an ad blocker, and whitelisting and in the ad blocker settings solved the problem.

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