Auth token - issues with Login and Opening Files

Auth token cannot be used…

I see similar posts, and this is happening more and more. Was live with a client yesterday reviewing foundation and framing details and couldn’t access models to properly have a call.

Logging this here because I can’t post in the Technical Problems section.

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When I try to sign out I get this:

“{“error”: “invalid_request”, “error_description”: “Invalid token error.”}”

I got this yesterday. I closed SketchUp and reopened it. I was still signed in and everything seemed to work OK. ???.

Yes, I searched. Can’t solve the problem. Trying to make some noise about it.
Signed out, re-booted, can’t sign back in. Licensing window is non-responsive.

Repeated the above, and now I can open more than 1 file.

Glad it’s working now. Would have been interesting to try the sign in either from the avatar or the Help menu.

Tried that, didn’t work. But now I’m getting work done.

Same here can only open one file then get a token issue