Auth token cannot be used?

Can anyone help with this, please. Getting this popup when opening a 2nd Sketchup model. I’m signed in to S.U pro so not sure what’s happening… never happened before?
Screenshot (691).png

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This happened to me yesterday - there are several threads relating to this on the forums.

Solution for me was to sign out using the Help, Sign Out menu. Shut down Sketchup. Restart Sketchup and sign in again. Functionality restored.

When the problem occured I was only able to open one file at a time. Opening any second file produced the error message…

I’ve had the exact same problem yesterday and managed to resolve it so far (haven’t had the problem re-occur today).

  • Close SketchUP.
  • Close LayOut (if open).
  • Open Sketchup and navigate to the account icon on the top right of the welcome screen.
  • Click the “Sign Out” button.
  • Navigate to the top right icon again and Sign in.

Not sure if it might help you too, but it’s sure worth a shot.

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Thanks to both of you… worked for me!

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These ongoing log-in issues are getting ridiculous. I need more than one drawing open at a time !

This is supposed to be a ‘professional’ licence

I’m having this same issue, except I can’t seem to log back out using the help menu or profile icon. Restarting does nothing. This is absolutely infuriating. I’ve been using this program for my entire career without this kind of recurring authentication issue. What the hell is going on?

Does anyone know why this started happening again? I believe it last happened in March. Signing out and back in again doesn’t always work. It’s very frustrating.

The work around to open more than one file at a time (on Mac) is to select all the files you want to open first, then ‘open’.

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