Token cannot be used

I find this stuff annoying. Every couple of weeks I get some kind of an error message and I end up having to stop work, quit the software, restart, then go to the website and sign back in…all just to use the software that I purchased months ago. It is very annoying. This is why people want to own desktop versions of the software so they don’t have to sign in to use it.
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 11.48.50 AM

You should not need to close SketchUp or directly go to the website. When you see that message try a sign out from the Help menu, then sign in again. You should then be ok, and still editing the file you were working on.

I am still having this problem. Today I missed a deadline because of it. I have paid for this damned software, why the hell should I have to be signed in to use it? Everything was going fine for the first half of the day, then all of a sudden the file crashes and upon reopening I continually that same message. I’ve signed in through the help menu and directly on the Trimble/Sketchup site. Now I’m at a standstill. I have rebooted my Mac 3 times now, including in Safe mode to try and fix this problem. It’s obviously not a Mac issue, it is a Sketchup subscription isse. Never had this problem before renewing my license in this subscription-based format.

Did you try the steps Mike gave in answer to your LayOut post?

Yes I did that a couple of times, BUT the “running Sketchup from the Application folder” part I did not know. I usually start the software by double-clicking the file I want to open, or by using the alias in my Dock. So it is important that I go to the App folder to start the application?

That’s to be sure you’re running from the right location, we cannot see how things are on your machine.
As for the crash, that would probably explain why the token got dirty, it only gets updated/registered upon exiting SketchUp.
while tempting to leave the app open ‘all time’ and simply closing the lid of the book, it’s important to close it once a while, so the login data is updated correctly.
When playing with large files or extensions that might cause crashing, avoid the risk of loosing the login data and take an extra step(s) after a successful sign in:
exit SketchUp
and then start it again.

There was a fix a couple of versions ago to improve how SketchUp copes when being run from the wrong location. I don’t think the location is going to be the cause of recent problems, but you do have an unconventional arrangement.

If you don’t mind having the conventional structure, you could change from what you have now:

/Applications/SKETCHUP PRO 2022/SketchUp 2022/


/Applications/SketchUp 2021/
/Applications/SketchUp 2022/