Allow or Do not allow new tags to show in viewports

This is a big one! I think sketchup and layout and bound to have the continuatoin of stacking viewports, stacking viewports is a fine workflow, having too many sketchup scenes is not. Every set of construction documents has a set of template scnees and viewports. If you have viewports setup that will always and only every show for example columns below in dashed line styles and that will get stacked onto another viewport, well than can we please make it so that when a new tag is created in sketchup that we have the power to make it so that new tags never appear in any existing scenes and control that from sketchup or layout. I know that there is a plugin for this but it this is a must have. It’s great we can turn off layer 0 in layout but we need to also have the important decision if new tags we create will be seen in existing scenes. It seems like the best way to take layout is to keep this in mind and have less scenes in sketchup and more viewport templates that can be easily stacked with the same visibility settings and never have to setup that viewport again with those settings even if new tags are created, just take that viewport, size it to the same size as another viewport and overlay and you’re done. This would be huge as so many views in a set of construction drawings have template viewports with the exact same project where the settings will never change… New tags interfere with those template viewports that are already setup every time a new tag is created the viewport shows it.

I bet this is an easy one and I really hope that this feature doesn’t take years of my life to impliment. Thanks layout and sketchup team!

A toggle to lock visible tags in a viewport would work better.

I have many situations where I create tags that I want to show in every scene, and many situations where the tag I want to create should be hidden in all scenes, including newly created scenes.

While this is in the LayOut category, of course, you can only create them in SketchUp. LayOut might know what Tags are toggled in a certain scene of a SketchUp model, SketchUp doesn’t know anything to which LayOut document(s) it refers.

Perhaps a ‘SketchUp kind of way’ would be that when you click on a scene (in SketchUp) and don’t orbit or anything, a than created Tag would only be visible in that scene, if somehow changed the view (or anything other property that defines the scene) the created Tag would be visible in the model (and thus in every scene)

If you create the Tag and set it to ‘non-visible’ instantly, you have the other possibility covered, too

I honestly don’t like the idea of hidden behaviour. The tag panel should have the plus button for regular tag creation and an alternative button. That’s all that’s needed in the current UI


When turned on his extension will prevent a new tag from being automatically visible in all existing scenes. It saves buckets of time. This seems like something that should be native to SU, but it is not.



SketchUp Pro 2021 added a right-click context menu to the Tags tray.

But it’s missing a few obvious tools/options, including this one to Show/Hide tags in various scenes.
I added a few of my own options/ideas to the “Hypothetical” menu graphic, in the image above.

A simple option like Hide Tag in all Scenes (or Turn OFF in all scenes) that would be helpful to manage Tags/Scenes as you descibe.

The Auto-Invisible Layer extension does work and is quite handy, but not ideal as it can’t go back and hide a tag in all scenes, or unhide anything…

The actual terminology of HIDE vs OFF could be tidied up. HIDE should relate to things that are hidden using the HIDE tool (hide/unhide), whereas tag visibility should be called something else, eg “Make Invisible” or “turn OFF”… people often get confused between objects/geometry that is manually hidden vs those that are turned off at the Tag level, vs styles like Edges = turned off…).

PPS: I dont think that “colour by Tag” should be in this menu since it’s more of a Style override (and should be in the Styles menu…it’s best to control all global styles from that menu).

Sweet! I hope this year or soon we can also have the ability to set styles to objects rather than just scenes, that would be a game changer I think.

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