Not sure of title: New tag added always defaults as on in layout viewport?

Trying to figure out if there is any kind of control over setting visibility of new tags in a Layout Viewport.

Why does it default as on? If I have say 50 viewports to one file and I add just 1 new tag for a special use case, when I update my sketchup file in Layout, I now have potentially 50 viewports to change the visibility of that new tag.

It’s a quirky situation in my mind. Im adding the tag to add the object so it has to appear in the viewports, but generally speaking, it won’t be in all viewports. Probably depends on use case.

Isn’t off a better solution? The choice then is to only turn it on where needed and that diminishes the number of viewport changes needed. Couldn’t this be a user setting in preferences?

I work around this by having a handful of Tags in my template named ‘X-blahblahblah’ - they are off on all template scenes. If I need something special that is out of my normal workflow I just assign one of these tags to the object and toggle it on where I need it.

“x-blahblahblah”…nice! Not a radical solution but at least it gets a smile once and while.

Filler tags won’t work in this scenario.

Would not have thought that a plugin was needed…oh well.

I guess Im torn really. I can see the value of having them on as it’s a visual reminder to fix the problem. I just wish there was an easier way to do it than rummaging thru a pile of viewports.

Am I missing something?

Decided it was about time I installed this and it’s not working – it’s enabled and I have restarted SketchUp :thinking:

oops! Spoke too soon.

Tag on in the scene that I created the tag but is off in all the other scenes :person_facepalming:

I don’t use it, I have ‘dummy’ layers in my templates to try and avoid this issue.