After updating model links, LayOut is extremely slow to click through sheets. Any way to automate?

Problem: After updating the model reference, when I go to click through my layout document it takes an annoyingly long time to go from one sheet to the next. It will sit and hamster wheel for over 60 seconds between sheets at times. On a document with 30+ sheets this gets old fast, as I can’t just go do something else, I have to sit and wait and click “page down” for each sheet to get it to update.

Q: Is there a way to automate or otherwise have it actually go through and update every sheet with one click, without me having to sit there and do it manually?

For the moment, let’s assume I’ve gotten all the speed I can out of my computer and file performance. I’m looking for a way to make layout update all sheets with one click, no matter how long it takes.

Every viewport connected to the model will need to render. If you don’t need them to do that, turn off Auto render and save updating for when you want to do so. Update viewports one at a time or turn Auto Render back on when you get up to go to the kitchen. Viewports will only render on the currently displayed page, though.

Thanks Dave.

This is my main issue. I’d like all viewports to render, even on non-displayed pages. Or I’d like some sort of program or trained monkey to page through every page for me, once the current page is done re-rendering.

There have been other requests for this so that all viewports in the document would get rendered whether or not the page is being displayed or not. Maybe one day we’ll see that.

Have you checked down at your local Monkeys R Us? They might have one who would work for peanuts. :smiley:

On the bright side, rendering now is considerably faster than it was 3 or 4 years ago. It used to be that I would start updating a page and then go eat dinner. Not I don’t have time to go get a cup of coffee. And the coffee maker is 3 feet from my desk.

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Turn Auto-render off when you’re working, and then when you are ready to update, try this:

Go to LayOut Preferences, then General, then check the box for Autorender. This will render everything in the document for you.

Then remember to Uncheck it after it’s finished rendering.

I think (can’t precisely remember) if Autorender is turned on for the individual pages or viewports, then LO will re-render everything when you export a PDF. Doing that and checking your document as a PDF is usually faster than going through LayOut page-by-page.

I wish my hamster wheel only ran for 60 seconds. Some of my pages take 60 minutes to re-render :frowning:

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I have an alpha (thus not even beta) that will auto render all sketchup viewports on all pages, without even opening layout.
Currently, as this is an alpha, there are some issues: the tool is windows only and you have to update all references manually in layout before using this tool.

Just let me know if you would like to test it out.

That sounds fun - i’ll give it a try. Want to send me a private message?

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Set a keyboard shortcut for render images in document – i use Ctrl-Shift-R.

This should be a more prominent function – LO needs all the performance boosts it can get.