[FR] Re-render viewports in multiple pages at once


Currently when a updating a referenced model viewports using it are only re-renderd once the page they are on are viewed. This design is probably meant to avoid the program freezing for longer periods of time while rendering all pages at once.

However, when there are quite large and slowly drawn viewports on numerous pages it gets rather tedious to view one page, wait for it a few seconds to re-render, wiew the next, wait for it to a few seconds re-render, view the next etc. It would be really nice to just be able to render all in one go and do something else for that minute or two than having to constantly watch and drive this process.

I don’t know what the best UI would be but some examples could be either a separate button somewhere to re-render all pages at once or a document/application setting for wether pages should be re-rendered when viewed or all at once.


The way I do this is go to Preferences and turn on auto re-render (under general). Walk away. When I come back I un-check auto re-render.


It already is enabled for me but that only re-renders the viewports when the pages they are on are viewed. Maybe disabling and then enabling it again works. I’ll have to try that.


In theory, when “auto-render” is turned off and then turned on, LayOut should re-render every viewport in the document that is out of date. That’s the way the code is written, anyways :slight_smile:


After working on other projects for some time I just wanted to confirm that this works for me in SU 2016. I was afraid this would also only re-render the viewport once their pages are shown but all viewports are re-rendered at once! If there is ever going to be a LO do’h-book this needs to be added to it :smiley: .