[REQ] Auto Rendering and Rendering Multiple Viewports/Pages


I have some Layout files that render fast with few viewports or simple objects and others that take ages to render with complex objects and a lot of viewports.

Sometimes I open two or more of these different complexity files in a single layout session.

So, I’d like to request the following:

  • On complex files having auto rendering turned on is a workflow breaker while in simple files it’s a must. On a work session with a complex file and a simple file I cannot have one auto rendering while the other is not. I’d like to be able to have the auto rendering feature to be set by file but it is being set by Layout session.
  • I’d like the ability to render all viewports of every page from a single command. We have the possibility of rendering all viewports of the current page within context menu but not on every page. (To workaround that I export a PDF)
  • I’d like to have a toggle to turn on and off the auto reload of a SU model.
  • I’d like to be able to work in a mode like raster (faster to load) and export as hybrid.
  • It would be very handy if we could perform intensive operations like saving complex files, rendering all viewports or export a pdf of unrendered models and still could keep working on the other opened files in the same session. Right now, if we want to perform these operations we block ourselves out of work with Layout and I’ve got some files where these operations take 45 min to 1 hour…
  • Alternativelly it would be very handy if we could open two or more Layout instances, instead of exclusivelly having to work with tabs in a same Layout instance, which, as stated, blocks us from work in these scenarios. (Right now I have finished a file that will require a 45 min export, which I won’t export because I want to work on a second file. I’d rather export that file on the background and work on the second one but I can’t).

The following GIF compare a complex file with a simple one.

The complex isn’t rendered because each page takes minutes to render. The simple file is rendering while changing pages which is very fast:




Just to add a few nice stats, the detailed sections model has 940 viewports, which corresponds to an average of ~49 viewports per page.

After rendering all viewports (by exporting to pdf), disabling auto render, and locking viewport layers (the bottom two layers in the stack) it is really swift to work with.

Exporting to pdf, (rendering all viewports) took fairly the same time as “Game of Thrones - EP5”.

I’d really like the good folks at Trimble to consider this request:

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