Layout not automatically rendering model updates

I have Sketchup pro 2023 and Layout 2023. After I make a change in my model in Sketchup and save it, I then go to Layout click “File” , “Document Set Up”, and then “References”, select anything in red and then click “Update”. Then a yellow triangle with an exclimation mark appears on every page in my layout document and I have to right click in the margin and then click “render”. This has to be done every for every page in the document even though the change was specifice to only one page and its viewport. In Layout 2022 the updates happened automatically and I didnt have to manually “render” each page to update my drawings. What is happening now is a real time suck.

Select a viewport on the page, go to the SketchUp Model panel in the tray and tick the box for Auto Render.

Keep in mind that any scene properties you’ve changed in LayOut (indicated by a dark gray background and Reset button. In the SketchUp Model panel) will not be updated when the viewport is rendered unless you click on the Reset button to remove your overrides.


Thanks, that did the trick!

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