Embedded drawing in Layout wont update/render?

I have a layout file with an embedded sketchup model (not linked to a saved sketchup model, but contained within Layout)
I have used this method for a while and works for me.

Today, I have opened the model with SketchUp, edited it, and saved it, however, the changes don’t show in the layout view.
When I open the model in SketchUp again, it has the changes, so they have been saved, but they won’t show.
I have refreshed, closed and opened, rebooted etc

Any ideas would be appreciated - searched the web for a solution but don’t seem to have come across the issue elsewhere.

If I understand you correctly, is your embedded SketchUp file located in …/AppData/Local… …/Layout/Working/… ?

Have you opened this SketchUp file and then inadvertently saved it to a different location on your drive ?

Thanks Paul,
I open the file from within layout - select the drawing window, right click and “open with sketchup”
This opens the sketchup program, I can update my drawing and save, and then when refreshing the sketchup model in Layout, it would update with the changes. and this isn’t happening anymore.
The changes are saved, but its like its not rendering?

Ok, I may have answered my question, but now have another
I right clicked my model in Layout, and clicked “Render Model”
And this updated my drawing.
I’m just confused why refreshing the model in the default tray didnt render it
Auto render is on under Preferences?

Is it on in the SketchUp Model window?

In layout, on the window with the embedded model in.

I asked about the SketchUp Model window. This:
Screenshot - 6_1_2023 , 6_54_13 AM

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you are working with and get you sorted out.

Green Wall Layout_230601.layout (9.2 MB)
Attached file
This is sorted now, but I can try and replicate the issue if you need.
I also wonder if its because that file was created as a 2022 file before I upgraded to 2023 last week
Thanks for all your help

From looking at your LO file, I doubt it is really sorted.

Fundamental usage problem. No scenes in the SketchUp model and you’ve modified the Camera properties and tags for the viewports.

This has the potential to create problems for you when you try to update the reference, even if it is embedded. It also means that if you reset the properties you mess up the viewports and any attached labels and dimensions.

You should be creating scenes in the SketchUp model to use for the viewports in LayOut. Best and safest practice is to avoid modifying the Camera properties. (No Reset button in the Camera section of the SketchUp Model panel.

It is also a good idea to purge your LO files once in awhile. I purged yours and reduced the file size by more than 20%. Not a huge reduction compared to some I’ve seen but it’s worth keeping the file cleaned up.

Thanks Dave,
Very much a self-taught sketchup user and not familiar with best practices (apart from what “works for me”)
Any steer on where I can get some tutorials on this sort of thing would be appreciated.
I have played around with scenes but struggle to make them do what I want - Particularly when I have the need for doing sections.
Thanks again.

Start with learn.sketchup.com

You should be able to get what you need in scenes with sections. Learning how to use sections, styles, and scenes together will help. Start with the link, above.

BTW, you mention embedding your SketchUp files in LayOut. Is there a particular reason you do that? It’s not a terrible thing but it means that you have no externally saved back up of the reference in case the LO file goes pear-shaped.