Is there a way to refresh all pages at once after relinking references?

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I wish there was a way to refesh all pages at once after upating the references in document setup. Currently, I have to wait for all viewports to update when moving from page to page after updating references. That takes 20 seconds on each page but with 30 pages it’s time that I would rather use otherwise. I’d rather update them all at once, grab a coffee and come back when everything is updated so I can effortlessly move through my pages.

The only work around I found is to print the document, that way layout is forced to update all pages in one go. That didn’t work in preview versions but seems to work with LO 2021+.

Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks guys!

I usually keep my “Pages Tab” in “List View”, but when I want all the pages to update at once, I change this to “Thumbnail View”. This will then update all the pages in one go. I noticed that if you leave it in “Thumbnail View” and then update the reference files, this trick does not seem to work. It seems that it stores a thumbnail to use, so then you are back to updating one page at a time. So after I do this, I go right back to list view and keep it that way until I want to do another all-pages update.

Note I also have “Automatically re-render SketchUp models as needed” activated under “Layout Preferences” - “General”.

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Neat trick - work around that actually works! Thanks, going for a coffee break now while all pages update…

A nicer way I just realized to control rendering SketchUp images within Layout is to:

  1. Deactivate “Automatically re-render SketchUp models as needed” under Layout Preferences - General

  2. Setup Short Cuts for Rendering images:
    Under Layout Preferences - Shortcuts (Filter for “Render” and add the following short-cuts)
    I use:
    CTRL+R = Render Image
    CTRL+ALT+R = Render Images on Page
    CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+R = Render Images in Document

This way I decide when I want to take the time to render just one SketchUp image, all SU Images on my page, or all SU Images in the entire document.

Hope that helps.

Don’t have all your drawings in one file. 30 pages will slow you down. I think my max is my sections where I will have 8-12 pages. Separating your files by drawing type has many advantages…speed being one of them.