Viewport Update Times longer?

Anyone else having issues with Viewport update time taking 1-2 minutes after the recent update?

Which recent update – 2023.1 or the recent patch update 2023.1.3 ?

I did not notice the patch!
Problems since 2023.1

I don’t know if any of the fixes addresses your issue though.

My models are lightweight so I don’t have rendering issues in Layout.

Just patched, still same issue. It happening with all of our models on each computer in the office after the update. >:(

Have you tried using the Low “Display Resolution” option?

Yeah, I have these settings to low. the Times are about 2 minutes to update and then printing / PDF exporting is nearly impossible

I used to have all viewports in medium-resolution hybrid. My update time has gotten better overall now that I have everything in low-resolution raster with hybrid export override. But I’m also working on small drawing sets at the moment. I haven’t tested it on my larger CDs.

My issue is that I have an office of 4 draftsman on different projects, small and large and after the update all of our “relinking” times has gone from about 10 seconds to about 90 seconds. Its eating up about an hour for each of us in our day to work on layout formatting

After reading of the multitude of problems with 2023 maybe reverting back to 2022 is a good option. 2022 rocks, it has worked well since the day it came out. I will never trust 2023.

Waiting for 2024

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What happens after the relinking is complete, the file has been saved, LayOut closed and you re-open the files? Still slow? Where are you storing the model files?

It is still slow, every time we need to update a viewport to match a change in the model it takes about 90 seconds, even after a restart. I have tried moving files off of our server and work with them locally, both scenarios provide the same outcome.